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We know the past but cannot control it. We control the future but cannot know it.

DOFY's Blog
We know the past but cannot control it. We control the future but cannot know it.

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How Cairo Virtual Machine delegates contract function invocations internally

Key concepts of contract function invocations Function Selector In general, the function selector in StarkNet is used to specify a contract function. It is a hash of the function name, which is defined as the last 250 bits of the Keccak256 hash of…

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Cairo Compiler Learning Notes

Excerpts from How Cairo Works Introduction to Cairo Registers ap: allocation pointer fp: frame pointer pc: program counter Basic instructions [fp - 1] = [ap - 2] + [fp + 4] [ap - 1] = [fp + 10] * [ap]; ap++ [ap - 1] = [fp + 10] + 12345; ap++ #…

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Rosette Learning Notes

Excerpts from The Rosette Guide. Rosette Essentials Symbolic Values (define-symbolic b boolean?) Specification (define (check-mid impl lo hi) ; Assuming that (assume (bvsle (int32 0) lo)) ; 0 ≤ lo and (assume (bvsle lo hi)) …

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Notes of "The Logic of Computer Programming"

Link: The Logic of Computer Programming Four aspect: correctness termination transformation development Program A: Partial Correctness totally correct: if we execute Program A on any input satisfying the input assertion, the program will ha…

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概率 贝叶斯 贝叶斯公式 $$p(Y|X)=\frac{p(X|Y)p(Y)}{p(X)}$$ 先验:$p(Y)$,后验:$p(Y|X)$,似然:$p(X|Y)$ $p(X)$可以看做是归一化的量,也可以写成 $$\int_Y P(X|Y)p(Y)\mathrm{d}Y$$ 极大似然估计,极大后验估计可以看这个。 期望与方差 条件期望 $$E(X…

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