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DOFY's Blog

Hello World!

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I’m DOFY, an undergraduate student from School of Electronic Engnieering and Computer Science, Peking University. Nice to meet you!

I major in computer science, thus this blog mainly contains some learning notes of my curriculum and scientific research. It will also has some informal essays and travel notes, to capture my daily life.

My main research interest is programming languages and software engineering. Here is my homepage.

My hobbies include geography, Chinese calligraphy and swimming. I am also a railfan and a member of the PKU Association of Railway Culture Enthusiasts’ committee. You can read more interesting essays by subscribing to our Wechat official account.

This is my CSDN Blog, which consists of notes about the Olympiad of Informatics during my senior high school years.

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DOFY's Blog

Hello World!
About me and this blog.